Looking to Get Involved?

As an individual, one of the first steps to volunteering is to review our Individual Volunteers Manual, and complete the required paperwork. With the Individual Volunteer Manual, you will learn about Habitat, what volunteer opportunities are available, and how to sign up for your first volunteer opportunity to turn in the required paperwork.

After reviewing our volunteer manual, you will visit our Volunteer Registration Website. Once you are on this site, please create a profile for yourself. After you do this, you will see various volunteer opportunities you can sign up for.  You will want to bring the paperwork from the manual to your first volunteer experience.

Looking for Group Opportunities?

Habitat’s ReStore is a great place for team building. We can host up to 20 people for a volunteer shift. Start by filling out a group inquiry and we will work with you to schedule a day that fits your team’s availability,

LEARN MORE about volunteering with us > Get some paperwork out of the way here >

“Just take the first step and try it. There are so many diverse opportunities. They will find something that’s right for you.”
Barb Loar – ReStore Volunteer

The Restore Cycle

See How It Works

The Habitat ReStore plays an important role in the effort to eliminate substandard housing. Your donations are sold and the proceeds offset most of Habitat MidOhio’s administrative costs-so cash contributions go directly toward building homes for deserving families.

Wanna help out?

If all this is striking a benevolent chord, come lend a hand.  Making a difference is hard work, we can always use volunteers.  
Call to learn more or visit the Habitat MidOhio Volunteer Registration Website to find out how you can help. Learn More ›