Ready to drop off your donations? Just stop by during regular business hours and look for the “Donation Drop Off” sign. We’ll be more than happy to help you unload and provide you with a donation receipt. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

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I want to donate items to Habitat’s ReStore. How can I do so?
I have a bunch of stuff to donate. Will ReStore pick it up?
Do I have to uninstall the items from my home that I wish to donate?
Do I have to remove nails etc, or clean my items before donating them?
Is my donation tax deductible?
When can I bring my donation to the store?


When is ReStore open to the public?
Are the prices of items negotiable?
Will you hold an item for me?
Can you deliver my purchase to my home?
Can I pay by check or credit card at ReStore?
May I return my purchase if I find that it is defective or I change my mind?
If I call the ReStore, can someone locate an item and price for me?

The Restore Cycle

See How It Works

The Habitat ReStore plays an important role in the effort to eliminate substandard housing. Your donations are sold and the proceeds offset most of Habitat MidOhio’s administrative costs-so cash contributions go directly toward building homes for deserving families.

Wanna help out?

If all this is striking a benevolent chord, come lend a hand.  Making a difference is hard work, we can always use volunteers.  
Call to learn more or visit the Habitat MidOhio Volunteer Registration Website to find out how you can help. Learn More ›