Where does all that stuff come from?

All over the place! People like you, businesses, general contractors, home remodeling contractors, and organizations all donate new and reusable materials from their home remodeling projects, overstock inventory, floor samples, scratch and dent items, and much more. We also remove and salvage materials from buildings being demolished and sell them for about 50% off retail prices.

What’s it all for?

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is on a mission to eliminate substandard housing and create the opportunity for homeownership in Franklin and Licking counties. But that’s not all. We take it a step further by diverting more than 1,600 tons of durable materials from the local landfill, every year. Communities dig this. A lot. Have you ever been to a landfill? Yikes.

Simply put, our donors recycle, our shoppers reuse, and the landfills aren’t overflowing.

The Restore Cycle

See How It Works

The Habitat ReStore plays an important role in the effort to eliminate substandard housing. Your donations are sold and the proceeds offset most of Habitat MidOhio’s administrative costs-so cash contributions go directly toward building homes for deserving families.

Wanna help out?

If all this is striking a benevolent chord, come lend a hand.  Making a difference is hard work, we can always use volunteers.  
Call to learn more or visit the Habitat MidOhio Volunteer Registration Website to find out how you can help. Learn More ›